We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: cyclists can’t get enough of coffee, and coffee can’t get enough of cyclists. Il Magistrale is a new Dutch coffee brand to capture riders’ hearts. The publicity material is pretty clear: “The honourable title ‘Il Magistrale’ is reserved for those who push harder, suffer longer and keep on going to become a number one. The character, courage and panache showed by them inspires us to bring you the best coffee available.”

Il Magistrale Cycling Coffee is a brew that you have to earn, they say. It’s very chic, rather expensive, and supremely stylish. The names of the blends are tailored to hardcore bike racing fans; they refer to in-jokes and nicknames in the international peloton. One blend was developed in partnership with Dutch cycling legend Laurens ten Dam, and is printed with his motto and personal brand: “Live slow, Ride fast.”


The Gravel Grinder blend bears Ten Dam’s signature LtD moniker, and is a blend of three certified Organic beans. “The Gravel Grinder blend is a full bodied and great smelling espresso roast with a nice aroma of nuts and pure chocolate. The aftertaste has a hint of fruit as you can expect from Ethiopian beans and it is low on acidity. This is a great coffee to combine with whole milk or as an espresso after dinner.” The name Gravel Grinder refers to Ten Dam’s penchant for riding non-asphalt roads, and Ten Dam organises his own three-day race in September for gravel fans, called the LtD Gravel Raid. This weekend event bears the tagline: Food, Beer, Music, Adventure.

Der Panzerwagen!

Other Il Magistrale blends make fun references for cycling fans—Der Panzerwagen, is a case in point. The name is the famous nickname of German time trial legend Tony Martin.

We have to admit that we haven’t tasted it yet, but it certainly makes us smile. The beans appear to have been chosen to reflect the hardness of its namesake. “Aimed at giving you such a powerful caffeine shot that your body and mind will switch automatically into “kill mode”. Drinking “Der Panzerwagen” gives you the feeling you are a vicious tank that will split air and anything else that might block your way.

At roughly €27 for a kilo of beans, excluding postage, we have to admit that Il Magistrale’s blends certainly punch a hole in your wallet. But they also make the ideal gift for the cycling fan who already has everything, and the perfect compliment to a Rocket Espresso machine—every cyclists’ dream brewing machine.