Primus Classic Cyclo - September

When? Saturday September 21, 2019

How far? 65km, 98km, 135km

Start location? Haacht, Belgium

Type of ride? Rolling hills. Nice one to end the season. The hills of the Belgian Brabant (roughly speaking, to the east of Brussels) are not as severe as the ‘calf-biters’ of the Ardennes, and this ride is also not super-long. It also involves beer. Primus is a beer, and the finish is near the brewery. This is a relatively young event (the first edition was in 2014) and has a very friendly atmosphere. The bonus is that, once you’ve finished the Gran Fondo, you can wait and witness the professionals crossing the line during the Primus Classic race, which is run on the same day and in the same area. Mixing with the Belgians at the finish line and watching the racers cross the line is an extra well worth waiting for!

Price? Around €15

Website: Primus Classic