Romagna SLE 105

Sensa is an interesting brand for cyclists in the Low Countries who want a good bike for a decent price. This Dutch company scores high in the price-quality stakes, compared with many of its competitors—the Sensa Romagna SLE 105 is one of the few bikes for under €1,000 that is fitted with the Shimano 105 component group. This groupset includes rim brakes, which means that the disc-brake trend hasn’t yet arrived on this Sensa model. Apart from that, the bike has everything you would expect on a racer in this price range. The frame is aluminium, with a carbon fibre front fork. The standard wheels are a little on the heavy side, but that’s not really an issue in the Netherlands, at least. And if you have to climb hills at some point, you get a harder training session with heavier wheels. All-in-all an attractive bike for an attractive price!