Desert Falcon 2017

The Bulls Desert Falcon 2017 (sic) is a bike that earns a worthy place on this list due to primarily to its parts. The bike is fitted with the Shimano Ultegra component group. For readers who are not familiar with the various component group rankings: Ultegra lies above Shimano 105! This means a more expensive component group, which will last a very long time and is tried and tested. This is a fundamental difference to the other models, but it is a difference which will only be noticeable over time, or while on a longer ride in the mountains, for example. And you won’t find many bikes priced under €1,000 with this option, considering that the recommended retail price for the Shimano Ultegra Groupset on its own is €999! If you’re only planning short rides at the weekend, then Shimano Tiagra or 105 is fine.

For the rest, this bike has everything else one would expect from a bike in this price class. The aluminium frame has classic, softer angles, which makes it an ideal touring bike. The front fork is carbon fibre. The brakes are traditional rim-type. Rim brakes are not as hip as disc brakes, but not as heavy, either… This model has Mavic Aksium wheels. Weighing in at 8.5kg in total, this is a classic first aluminium racing bike. Fitted with Ultegra!

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