To shave the legs, or not to shave?

This is a classic cycling dilemma. The bare legs once again get exposed to light. Should we shave them or not? Well, there is an enormous amount of debate on this subject. And we will certainly not go into the whys and wherefores of this culturally-sensitive subject. But what we do know is this: if you enter road races, then having shaved legs makes you look like you take your sport seriously. It sends a message to the competition that says: “Watch out. I am a contender.” And if you believe that, then it’s certainly worth the effort.

If you are primarily a cyclotourist, then we can see little point in leg-shaving, unless you feel it’s necessary, in which case: shave away! Pro-tip: if your razorblades are too blunt for your face, they will still work fine on your legs. So don’t throw them away, just recycle them.

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