Unsubscribe from Zwift or let it roll?

The weather just got a lot better. The clocks have changed so we can train on the road in the evenings. We’re all riding outside now. So, should we cancel our subscription to Zwift? Our answer: that depends. There are a couple of reasons to stop. And others to keep going. If you are training for a specific challenge such as the Marmotte or another cyclosportive, a triathlon, a specific time trial or a particular criterium at your local club, then it may be very wise to keep your Zwift subscription running. The online training programmes and structure that Zwift offers are excellent to motivate, measure and make sure you stick to your training goals.

Another factor worth considering is time: the levels of intensity which you can achieve on an indoor trainer in your pain cave are quite a bit higher and more constant than if you ride out on the road. Training for time trials, for example, is perfect on Zwift. There are probably fewer better ways to gradually crank up a higher FTP and work towards your key event, than all the fun which Zwift’s gamification and data points offer. There are also a bunch of training programmes for cyclosportives too. Also, if you are short of time, some say that one hour on the home trainer is equivalent to 90 minutes out on the road.

However, if you are a committed roadie, or someone who is getting fit and strong on Zwift in order to be better on the bike outside, then you can consider pausing your subscription for a while. A lot of people do this. The people at Zwift are smart enough to keep all your account data stored and ready for when you want to sign up again. To cancel and/or sign up again, go to Zwift.com > my profile > edit profile > billing. That’s where you then cancel to stop for a while and ‘upgrade’ to sign up for another month. If you cancel, you will be asked to fill in a small survey on whether or not you intend to sign up again.