Continue gym workouts or train only the bike?

Core stability training, squats, cyclist squats and dumbbell shrugs — you’ve been doing them all winter right? So should you stop all that now and concentrate only on training on the bike? This is a tricky cycling dilemma. Obviously you will be getting more kilometres out on the road these days. But that does not mean you should stop the gym exercise. However: it is certainly a good idea to back off a bit.

cycling dilemmas

Cycling squats specifically target the vastus medialis muscles, aka the VMO.

You should continue to do regular core stability exercises all year round. Also consider yoga. If you have been using heavy weights during the winter, then use less heavy weights. If you don’t, you may find that your muscles ache so much after a workout that they impact your cycling performance. Not good. If you never use weights, don’t start now, but do start next winter.

Squats and lunges are always good. Think about doing these in the weeks when the weather suddenly gets bad and you don’t cycle as much as you had hoped to be able to. In short, off-bike exercises will always help you on the bike, as long as you don’t overdo it. Why would cyclists do dumbbell shrugs? To strengthen the neck muscles for getting low and aero on your road racer or time trial bike.