Or are you a rouleur, baroudeur?

Can you can crank out the power all day? Do you love riding at the front of the pack? Then you may be a rouleur. Rouleurs are often all-rounders and rarely hit the headlines of the sports press as they are often helping their team mates in races and tend to get jobs as domestiques (team helpers). These riders love hitting the front of the peloton and riding all day, trying to make the rest of the peloton feel the burn as much as possible.

Jens Voigt

Jens Voigt, one of The Prologue’s favourite baroudeurs. Credit: Cor Vos

There is a sub-group of rouleur called the ‘baroudeur’ (which means fighter/ adventurer in French) and these are usually rouleurs who jump off the front of the peloton to disappear off on an adventure, often failing to have an affect on the race, but sometimes winning, much to the joy of those who favour the underdog. Well-known baroudeurs in recent times have been Jens Voigt, Ian Stannard and Thomas Voeckler.